EgoWeb allows moving questionnaire and data files from installation to another (computer to computer, server to server, computer to server, etc.).

To access the features for moving files in and out of EgoWeb, click on the "Import & Export Studies" link on the main EgoWeb admin page.

Admin - Import and Export.png
Accessing Import and Export from Admin Page

This link takes you to the page that allows for importing and exporting of EgoWeb files. It also has a feature for copying existing studies and renaming them. Studies being imported can also be renamed during the import process.

Import and Export page.png
Import and Export Page

The Export Study box allows for exporting files for one of the studies. After a study is selected, a list of all interview data is displayed below the study selection box. This allows selection (or not) of interview data to be included as part of the export in addition to questionnaire files. Studies can be exported with all, some or none of the data. Data files that have a check in the box next to them will be bundled together when the export button is clicked. "Select All" checks all boxes, "De-select all" un-checks all boxes, and boxes can be checked or unchecked manually.

export study detail.png
Export Study and Data from EgoWeb

After clicking the Export button, you will be prompted to save the ".study" file somewhere. This file will contain the questionnaire set up in addition to the data files (if the .study file was exported with data). Once the .study file has been saved, it can be imported to another EgoWeb server via the same Import & Export page. Review and Visualize features are also available to examine an interview data file to determine if it should be exported or not.

Importing and Replicating files work similarly. In order to Import a .study file, first click "Choose File" and navigate to the saved .study file you wish to import. Clicking “Choose file” will open a file browsing box where you can select the .study file. You can give the study a new name while you import. This is optional. Once you select the correct file, click the "Import" button which will import the .study file into EgoWeb. The study will show up in the study list in Authoring, Interviewing, etc. You will be immediately taken to the “Study Settings” page in your newly imported study. You can also navigate to the "Data Processing" page to review the data files that were imported.

Replicate works more or less the same way except that there is no function for replicating data files within the same EgoWeb instance. If for some reason you wish to replicate a study and include data, export the study with data and then re-import the .study file with a new name.

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