There are a variety of ways that interviews are launched in EgoWeb. Interviews can be interviewer directed or self-guided. Interviewers can be assigned particular pre-defined participants such as when interviews are conducted with known individuals. They can also be unrestrained to enter participant id information from scratch, such as when interviewing participants who are interviewed immediately after being recruited. The sections below describe these different options in detail.

Interviewer Directed Interviews

Interviewers using EgoWeb to conduct network interviews access the Interviewing page by clicking on "Interviewing" on the main navigation screen. This is also how EgoWeb Interview programming can be tested.

main navigation page interview arrow.png
Main Navigation Page -- Interviewing

The interviewing page lets interviewers begin or continue an interview in an existing study. Users with "Interviewer" status who are assigned to particular studies will only see those studies on this page.

interviewing 1.png

Navigating through interview questions

Here is what a page for a typical interview question looks like:
interviewing example question.png
Example Interviewing Screen

Introduction Screen

Each EgoWeb interview with text in the "Introduction" box in the Study Settings page will display the text in an Introduction screen at the start of the interview. There is no data capture on this screen, just text and a "Next" button. This is a good screen to put an informed consent script for an interviewer to read.

interviewing introduction.jpg
Introduction Screen

Each EgoWeb interview has an EgoID screen with at least one but typically more than one questions. Each response to these questions is combined into an ID to identify the EgoWeb interview uniquely.

interviewing egoid.png
EgoID screen
There are several key aspects to most EgoWeb questions. Each has a "Back" and "Next" button (except for the first and last questions), a navigation gear, the EgoID, and question text. Questions that have text in the "Preface" box will display a screen with only text and the Back/Next buttons.

interviewing functions 1.png

Web based EgoWeb Interviews

interviewing 2.png

Assigning interviewers and admins to studies

Users who have been created can be assigned to studies in the study settings page. All users who have "admin" or "interviewer" status will appear in the drop down menu. Users who have "super admin" status will not appear because they already have all available rights to access interviewing and study authoring/settings.

settings assigning users to studies.png

Once a new user has been added to the study, their name will appear below the "Interviewer" column and their user status will appear below the "Role" column. User can be unassigned from a study by clicking on the "x" to the right of the name.

Screenshot 2016-07-23 17.07.51.png
One assigned user in a study

NOTE: The column for user name is titled "Interviewer" but displays both Admins and Interviewers (this should be changed in the future).

Assigning participants to interviewers

Once you have assigned an interviewer or admin to a study, specific participants (respondents of an EgoWeb interview) can be assigned to specific interviewers. This feature is intended to allow only certain interviewers access to interview certain pre-defined participants. To assign users to interviews, first navigate to Study Settings for the study and find the Pre-defined Participant List section. Add the name and email address of the pre-defined participant (if appropriate) and select the interviewer in the drop down menu.

study settings adding participants.png

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