EgoWeb Mobile is a free download available for installation on tablets.


iPad Set Up

For iPads, it can be installed through the iTunes store.

EgoWeb Mobile is a free download. It enables data collection in the field when a connection to the internet is not available or reliable. EgoWeb Mobile works in conjunction with the full EgoWeb application installed on a server. Questionnaires that are constructed on the server version of EgoWeb can be downloaded from the server and run through EgoWeb Mobile. Data that are entered into the EgoWeb Mobile application can then be synced to the server and securely removed from the tablet when the tablet is connected to internet.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 15.05.05.png
EgoWeb Mobile app in iTunes

The EgoWeb Mobile app is periodically updated with the latest code and submitted to the iTunes store.

Android Setup

Android tablets can install EgoWeb

  • Download the "apk" file which is linked on the instructions provided in the "Mobile" page of EgoWeb. This file is also located in the EgoWeb Github site. After clicking this link you will be asked to save the file locally.

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EgoWeb Mobile Android Instructions

  • Enable "Installation" from unknown sources in Settings -> Security –> Unknown Sources
  • In your downloads folder, select the apk file. You will be given an option to install.

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