New flexible question ordering and multiple name generator options

The previous version of EgoWeb 2.0 had hard coded question order. After ID question, the order was forced as ego questions, then the name generator, then the alter level / name interpreter questions, then questions about alter-pairs, then questions that display visualizations of network diagrams.

1 old study settings set order screen.jpg
Old study settings page with hard coded question order

The latest EgoWeb 2.0 update now enables more flexible questionnaire design. There is now just one "Questions" option within study settings. Ego, alter, alter-pair, network and name generator questions are all question types that can be added as questions and ordered flexibly. Questionnaires can now also have more than one name generator.

2 new study settings with one questions option.jpg
New Question section with flexible question ordering

Using studies created with older version of EgoWeb 2.0 for the first time triggers a "Convert" button. Clicking this button converts the older study file to the new version and automatically changes the name generator settings from the study settings page to a "NAME GENERATOR" question type.

3 convert old study type.jpg
First time conversion of studies from older version

4 name generator question created duing conversion.jpg
Converting creates name generator question automatically

Name generator question types are by default set to "Textual" questions.

5 name generator type.jpg
Questions can be set to Name Generator in any part of survey.

They have the same settings that were in the study settings page, including "max" and "min" settings for number of alters to be generated with each name generator.

6 name generator settings.jpg
Name generator settings within question

Variable alter prompts can be created within each name generator question. They can also be saved as external .csv text files and imported into each name generator question.
7 variable alter prompt settings and import.jpg
Variable alter prompt settings are within questions

Ego questions are the same as previous version but with "EGO" Subject type.

8 ego question.jpg
Ego questions are set at question level

Alter questions are "ALTER" question types.

9 alter question.jpg
Alter questions are set at question level

Alter-pair questions are "ALTER PAIR" question types.

11 alter pair question.jpg
Alter pair questions set at question level

Network visualization questions are "NETWORK" question types.
12 network visualization question.jpg
Network visualization questions set at question level

To use "ALTER" OR "ALTER PAIR" questions with a sub-set of alters, create an expression using the new "Name generator" expression type.

13 name generator expression selection.jpg
Create Name Generator expression

Save the expression with a descriptive name, select the name generators that will be used to determine which alters are presented in an alter level question, and select the expression in "Skip Logic Expression" option within the alter related question.
14 name generator creation and use.jpg
Creating, saving, and using name generator expression