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The User Admin page allows an administrator to allow access to EgoWeb to other users with different levels of access rights. User options include "super admin" who have complete access, "admin" users who have access to studies they create or are assigned to them by "super admin" users, and "interviewer" who have access to only the interviewing sections of studies assigned to them and cannot create or edit studies.

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User Admin Link

Adding a new user

To add a new user, fill in the Name and Email of the user and select either super admin, admin, or interviewer. Once a user has been assigned, users can be invited to login and create passwords by following a unique url paired with the user account, user information can be edited, and users can be deleted.

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The link icon is on the left, editing user information is in the middle, and the right icon deletes the user.

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To access the url that new users can use for initial login and password creation, click on the orange link icon to the right of the screen. After clicking on the link icon, the link for resetting the user's password will appear below the user table:

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New user password reset link.

This link can be sent to a new user so that they can set their initial password (or to reset a password).

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